NetSuite is well known for its robust and versatile features, but new users often don’t know that beyond its user-friendly interface lie lesser-known tricks that can significantly enhance usability and efficiency. We caught up with Annexa staff who use NetSuite daily, gathering their top tips to help you better use the platform. 


What can you learn from watching this video? 


1. Quick access to new release details 

First up, Support Lead Glenn Richards, brings you the inside scoop on how to stay in the loop with NetSuite's new release details, right from your NetSuite dashboard.  

2. Using your browser’s native search feature 

Solution Lead, Simon Bernard, shares a nifty trick: using your browser's native search feature to quickly navigate through NetSuite's extensive screens.  

3. A run-through of user preferences setup 

Technical Consultant, Braden Harley, takes us through the nuances of user preferences setup. Personalising your NetSuite interface not only streamlines your workflow but also makes everything even more intuitive and user-friendly. 

4. Global search functions  

Project Coordinator, Ngakita Blackburn introduces the global search function, a powerful tool that simplifies data retrieval across the platform 

5. Dashboard customisations 

Ngakita Blackburn returns with a demonstration for customising your dashboard, turning it into a personalised command centre that aligns with your daily tasks and priorities.  

6. Using the ‘%' sign in a global search 

Ever wondered about the significance of the '%' sign in a global search? Functional Consultant, Anthony Loschiavo, has your back by showing just how this simple symbol can transform your search results. 

7. A tip for setting dates in NetSuite  

Functional Consultant, Laura Lopez offers a quick and easy shortcut for setting dates in NetSuite, a small but significant tip that can enhance your data entry efficiency. 

 8. Using global search to find inactive records 

Finally, Solution Lead, Louis German rounds up our video by showing you how to use global search to efficiently locate inactive records, adding yet another layer of depth to your NetSuite skills.