Impact is the difference your not for profit makes. But evaluating whether your programs are actually achieving your objectives hasn’t always been easy.  

For years now, major donors have sought to evaluate not for profits based on their ability to keep overhead ratios low. As a result, many not for profits hid expenses and made what turned out to be poor decisions.  

But this is changing. Not for profits are now more focused on measuring dollars spent to outcomes achieved. This, along with transparent expense accounting, leads to much better long-term relationships between not for profits and donors. 

Watch this video to learn the Kellogg Foundation’s best practice approach to determining how well a not for profit project fulfills the objective of making impactful change. 


Why watch this? 

In under 2 minutes you will learn a best practice approach to measure and assess your project impact using logic models. 

Watch time: 1 min 20 sec 

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