Following a stringent selection process, we at Annexa are proud to have been selected as the implementation partner for Tomoana Warehousing, a 100% Booth's Transport Group, Kiwi owned, warehousing and container transport company.

This partnership signals the beginning of our launch into the pacific region as we translate our intelligent, adaptable and full-featured cloud business management software solutions to the unique needs of growing New Zealand businesses. 

Tomoana Warehousing is a true New Zealand success story. For over 20 years, they have been helping importers, exporters and manufacturers source cost effective, efficient alternatives for North Island distribution. Behind their consistent track record of on-time, complete, safe delivery and storage of goods, is their Booth's Group uniting philosophy of Can Do. Will Do. It is this unique proposition - a balanced combination of skill, expertise and responsiveness - that has seen them transform into the leading warehousing and transport specialists they are today. And also, one of the reasons we are so thrilled to be chosen to navigate their cloud ERP journey with them.

But, like many fast-growing organisations operating in this space, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Tomoana Warehousing. A lack of visibility was limiting the kinds of information they were able to glean about their warehouse operations. On top of that, their existing business system solution was not integrated with other systems, making it difficult and time-consuming to consolidate financial data via spreadsheets for reporting.

We started hitting some roadblocks in our warehouse operations and as we looked into these issues, we quickly found inadequacies around other parts of the business relating to visibility, integration, customer experience, stock control and accounting. We found that we weren’t capturing good data on our revenue, how that can be translated into profits and the relationship with our customers from a financial perspective. For warehousing, it wasn’t clear how we were utilising our warehouses and how well they were performing. We also didn't have an adequate portal for customers to access.”

Bob Cleland, Director, Booth's Group.



On their existing reporting processes, Daniel Bartlett, IT Manager, Tomoana Warehousing adds:

“We also uncovered some deeper problems with our existing systems that were causing our accounts team to operate outside of the ERP for nearly everything. A lot of the reporting was done in Excel spreadsheets. If they needed to compile reports they would have to reach out to the IT team who would delve into the database and look at a whole bunch of different data sources and pull these reports out - it was a big investment on their time. On top of that there has been a growing expectation from customers to make more of that information available to them and we didn't have an adequate customer portal to meet that demand.”

To fulfil their vision for growth and expansion, they required a solution that could keep pace with the varying demands that come with running a modern logistics business. Topping their list of requirements - a best-of-breed cloud-based ERP system that included automatic upgrades to keep all users current with the latest features. The new solution must also have an open architecture to enable easy integration with their transport management and warehouse management software, and anything else they may require in the future. Finally, they required reliable reporting and analytics that combines operational, financial, and KPI data in one place, providing a more complete picture of their business - on-demand and in real-time. 

Given these requirements, NetSuite was the clear choice. And for their implementationTomoana chose Annexa. 

Beyond Annexa’s trans-Tasman expansion, Tomoana Warehousing elected us based on both our reputation for achieving stellar results that exceed expectations and our industry-leading team that are already proving their worth in the early planning stages of Tomoana Warehousing's project.

“We've spent two months working with the Annexa team for the design process and we’re about to go into the build phase. So far, it has been a remarkably smooth process. We have a dedicated project manager, and over the course of the project there has not been a single day that goes past that hasn’t included some sort of interaction with our project manager. It’s a really fantastic level of service, certainly compared to a lot of software vendors and other areas of IT. The technical team have been really great too. They’ve really listened to how our business works – our workflows and processes – and translated that into an integration, layout or report in NetSuite.”

Daniel Bartlett, IT Manager, Tomoana Warehousing.

As we enter the build phase we are excited to be part of Tomoana’s digital transformation. Watch this space for an update post-implementation. 


Annexa is a leading NetSuite partner with extensive experience designing and implementing comprehensive and customised business systems, including payroll solutions, financial management, warehouse management and ecommerce solutions.