We've wrapped up all our NetSuite tips and tricks into one central place, making it super easy for you to revisit them whenever you need them. Dive into our compilation of expert advice designed to streamline your NetSuite experience! 

One NetSuite Saved Searches Tutorial  

Our most viewed video tutorial walks you through successfully navigating and creatingsaved searchesinNetSuite including defining rules and criteria, formatting data, setting the audience, additional featuresand a working example.  

This is a must if you need to retrieve, analyse, and report on data within your organisation, especially if you are in a role that require regular monitoring and evaluation of various business aspects.  

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Two workflows working 

Struggling with repetitive tasks in NetSuite? SuiteFlow, a powerful process automation tool within NetSuite, can automate these for you. This user-friendly, low-code solution streamlines your business processes by automating tasks, enforcing rules, and guiding procedures.  

Tailor workflows to your needs, whether simple or complex, and consider consulting NetSuite experts for more intricate customisations. 

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Three ways to doa stocktakein NetSuite 

For businesses handling physical products, inventory stocktaking is the key to effective stock management. It is only by keeping regular tabs on your stock, that your inventory records will be spot on.  

There are three ways to conduct stock takes in NetSuite, each offering unique advantages to suit different business needs. 

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Four handy reports and searches 

NetSuite offers robust data management and reporting capabilities, allowing users to effectively oversee, share, and audit data within the platform. It all adds up to exceptional data quality and dependability throughout their operations.  

Get a walkthrough of four specific reports and searches – including web queries, audit trail searches, reports by date and deleted records searchesto level up your data handling, sharing, oversight, and control in NetSuite. 

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Fivehelpful dashboards 

When set up right, NetSuite’s customisable dashboards will put all that important info right at your fingertips. In this article, we'll guide you through five key NetSuite dashboards – customer, vendor, home and roles, new release, and executive insights – complete with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own. 

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Six ways to self-resolve your NetSuite issues  

So many NetSuite users - especially those new to the platform or with limited ERP experience - are not fully aware of the depth of resources available within the platform and externally too. If you find yourself in a tight spot, we've identified six invaluable resources and features to empower you to solve issues on your own. 

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Seven NetSuite tips and tricks to impress your colleagues  

There are loads of tricks to enhance your NetSuite experience. Dive into these useful tips to amp up your productivity, smooth out your workflows, and handle data more efficiently. 

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Eight top NetSuite tips from Annexa staff 

No one knows NetSuite quite like our team. So, we asked the Annexa team to share some of the tips and tricks they have learned on their own NetSuite journeys. 

Take a minute to watch these short videos featuring practical, everyday tips and tricks from NetSuite pros who use the platform daily.  

Nine noteworthy apps by Annexa to enhance NetSuite  

Get a quick overview of some of Annexa's most popular NetSuite apps, each built in-house by our talented team to extend and enhance your platform's capabilities. From automating routine data entry to unlocking powerful analytics, these apps promise to make your NetSuite experience more efficient and customised. 

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Ten upcoming NetSuite features to get excited about  

At SuiteWorld 2023, Oracle NetSuite introduced a series of efficiency-boosting platform enhancements. Let's dive into the most thrilling innovations heading to your NetSuite account and the timeline for their arrival. 

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Eleven shortcuts and search tips for NetSuite users plus printable  

We’ve gathered all the shortcuts and search tips needed to make you a smarter, faster NetSuite power user. Plus, we designed a printable - for Mac and PC users  - so you can keep it handy throughout the day. 

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